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Learn the product & process behind some of the famous brands you use.

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The globalisation demands talent with International exposure and outreach.

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The corporate environment needs skills. Learn the skills to scale the corporate ladder.

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Micro manage from where do you want to go – what do you wish to learn. We create experiences you dream of.

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We are your bridge to a larger world. A world full of opportunities and challenges beyond your campus life. We are your connect to corporate world.
The only source of Knowledge is Experience is the answer to the growing need of imparting experience-based learning beyond the conventional schooling or college model. The focus of the educational institutes is changing the paradigm from input based learning to output based learning (result - oriented), with emphasis on experiential learning. The core idea is to make students experience the corporate culture and hence learn from the industry’s working model. We want students to learn and explore real world, which is beyond the realm of university curriculum.

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The call for Global leaders, Innovators and Entrepreneurs are getting louder. To stand amongst the rest, learning beyond classroom is indispensable. Study tours are designed to enhance the learning agility along with learning ability of the student.
The contribution of Academia in advancement of every field is paramount. Every profession is because of “YOUR CONTRIBUTION.” We offer a platform to share your expertise & knowledge with students around the globe.
The collaboration between academia and industry has brought lasting benefits to both. In this age of hyper active talent acquisition, a mutual interface with the future employees’ customers & entrepreneurs will open doors of unforeseen benefits.


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