International Destinations


London is a dynamic city at the forefront of modern science. With many exciting sights, museums and workshops available London is an unbeatable destination for all STEM disciplines offering great opportunities for practical and inspirational learning. Educational Quotient :: London Stock Exhange, BMW Motors, Morgan Motors, Bank Of England Muesuem


There are so many successful and well-managed industrial companies on this dynamic land, which provide plenty of chances for students and new entrepreneurs to visit companies and get insight regarding the internal working environment of a company and how a company functions, as well as useful information related to the practical aspects of the educational course which cannot be visualized in lectures. Education Quotient: Shanghai Volkswagen, Totole Food Company, Baosteel, Lenevo, AIrbus Assembly Plant, Logistic Zone China, Seagull Watch


The highlight of any science trip to Geneva is undoubtedly a visit to CERN, the world’s largest particle physics laboratory and centre for scientific research. Combine this with Geneva’s cosmopolitan atmosphere and stunning setting to create a memorable trip for aspiring scientists. Educational Quotient : CERN - European Organisation for Nuclear Research, Geneva Observatory, Solar and Laser Clock, ICT Discovery.

Berlin - Germany

For students of Science, Berlin is a great destination with a range of activities and workshops to help bring the subject to life. Germany’s capital combines a range of educational institutions as well as research expertise and is recognised as a city of scientific innovation. Educational Quotient: Berlin Life Science Learning Lab, SPECTRUM Berlin Science Centre, BMW, Allianz Arena Tour, Siemens Historical Institute


Look up at the world’s tallest building, ski down snowy mountains in the desert, skydive above a manmade island or swim with sharks in a shopping mall. Dubai is where you can marvel at sparkling gold at old-world souks, taste the sea breeze on a traditional dhow cruise and whoosh down a 27-metre-high water slide. Simply put, some of the world’s supreme cultural, adventure and shopping experiences await, as do great meals, great entertainment and great fun. Discover the city that makes it all possible. Education Quotient - Eithad Simulation center, Swedtel Telecom, PEPSI factory. Ideal destination for international industrial visits for engineering & management students.

New York

What better way to inspire your students about a career in the science or technology industries than a trip to New York. Choose from our wide range of popular specialist study visits which include workshops, museum visits, tours and demonstrations, all of which will develop your students’ technical and practical knowledge. Educational Quotient : Apple Store Workshop, Nintendo World, Sony Wonder Technology Lab.


Paris is a dynamic city full of resources and inspirational visits for those studying Science, ICT and Maths. Our popular programme of visits focuses not only on innovation but also its environmental and ethical impact. Educational Quotient :: KS3 Maths Worksheets at Tour Montparnasse 56, KS3 ICT, Science and Design & Technology Workbooks at Disneyland® Paris, Cité des Sciences & de I’Industrie.


As human capital is the primary resource in Singapore, the Singaporean government has placed much emphasis on investing in the education field. As a cosmopolitan being acclaimed as the ‘economic miracle’, Singapore involves a hardworking population and legendary leadership. With a literate and educated population, Singapore is able to modernize its development to the fullest. With top corporates like lee wee brother a fmcg conglomerate to the world renowned IKEA, it has something to offer to all students.The most sought after destination for most MBA students, as it offers a holistic approach to business management.

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