Planning your industrial visit.

We understand that conducting a school/college tour takes significant planning, and that is why Industrial Visits Educational Tours is here to support you every step of the way. Below is a guide to some of the major steps involved in tour planning, so you can see what you need to do and how we can help:

Step 1: Define the purpose of your tour, gauge student interest and gain approval from your schools leadership team.

Step 2: Contact Industrial Visits to discuss an itinerary with your dedicated consultant, and obtain a quote.

Step 3: Industrial Visits and/or school to hold an information evening for parents and students. Remember to advertise the meeting in your classes, via sms, e-mails, posters etc.

Step 4: Collect expressions of interest and deposits. We suggest collecting deposits within two weeks of the information night and setting up a payment schedule.

Step 5: Arrange attendee name list and provide Industrial Visits with copies of participant passports. Check if anyone is travelling on a non-Australian passport. If so, do they need a visa? Collate all participant medical information.

Step 6: Speak with Industrial Visits to confirm your final itinerary. Itinerary needs to be confirmed at least 16 weeks prior to departure.

Step 7: Hold regular meetings with your students to keep them engaged and excited about the trip. With the help of your students, plan excursions, public transport, code of conduct, set tasks, organise tour shirts and learn about the history, language, and currency of your destination/s.

Step 8: Pay final invoice, approximately 90 days before departure.

Step 9: School to hold a pre-departure meeting with students and parents to finalise any last details.

Step 10: Arrive at the airport in plenty of time at pre-arranged meeting point.

Step 11: Have a great time and a wonderful educational experience.

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