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  • Architecture Study Tour To Kolkata | Study Tour To Kolkata

    Kolkata  also known as Calcutta is the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal.Located on the east bank of the Hooghly River approximately 80 kilometres (50 mi) west of the border with Bangladesh, The city, nicknamed the “City of Joy”.    Many active administrative buildings in Kolkata also showcase the distinct colonial style architecture.and  Kolkata tram system is the only tram system presently running in the India.
    Kolkata architecture is a perfect blend of various architectural styles since it has been influenced by various dynasties.

  • Industrial Visit to Ahmedabad

    Industrial Visit to Ahmedabad | Lothal | Patan | Architecture Study Tour

    AHMEDABAD – LOTHAL – PATAN where students will get first hand experience of the various styles of architecture and help them conceptualize new ideas for architecture.

  • Industrial Visit to Assam Arunachal and Meghalaya

    Industrial Visit to Assam Arunachal and Meghalaya

    Architecture study tour

    One of a kind study tour for architecture students witnessing the Tibetan Buddhist Architecture along with Historical and Modern architecture which have never been seen before. Not only witness the unique architecture but also experience the culture and magic of Northeast.

  • Industrial Visit to Bangalore

    Industrial Visit to Bangalore | Mysore for Management

    Industrial Visit to Bangalore|Mysore for Management students is an opportunity for the students to practically apply the classroom lessons.

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  • ArchitecturIndustrial visit to Delhi | Agra | Fatehpur Sikri | Architecture study toure study tour to Delhi | Agra | Fatehpur sikri

    Industrial visit to Delhi | Agra | Fatehpur Sikri | Architecture study tour

    Mughal Architecture witnessed like never before! On this tour, students will witness the grandeur and vastness of Mughal Architecture which will help them academically and also professionally to create new and unique architectural designs.

  • Industrial visit to Goa

    Industrial Visit To Goa | Architecture Study Tour

    The perfect place for architecture students to witness the Portuguese Baroque Style architecture mixed with the Neoclassical and Gothic Revival Styles on their architecture study tour to Goa!

  • Industrial visit to Gujarat

    Industrial Visit To Gujarat | Hospitality Study Tour

    Gujarat is the 6th largest state in India, located in the western part of India with a coastline of 1600 km (longest in India). In this tour, we cover visits to globally renowned culinary schools, beverage manufacturing units, interaction with top chefs, hands-on workshops with individual certifications.

  • Industrial visit to Himachal Pradesh

    Industrial Visit to Himachal Pradesh – Chandigarh | Amritsar | Dharamshala | Manali

    India’s first planned city accommodates the secretariat of Punjab and Haryana in its lap. Lately, the locals have embraced the IT culture. This had added to the educational offering of the city besides already established manufacturing and industrial goods sector

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  • Industrial visit to Kerala

    Industrial Visit to Kerala | Architecture Study Tour

    Kerala’s style of architecture is unique in India, in its striking contrast to Dravidian architecture which is normally practiced in other parts of South India. The architecture of Kerala has been influenced by Dravidian and Indian Vedic architectural science (Vastu Shastra) over two millennia.

  • Industrial visit to kochi

    Industrial Visit to Kochi | Munnar

    On this industrial visit to Kochi, you’ll also get to visit the top architecture institutes such as the Global institute of architecture and many others. Along with this, you’ll also get to learn from the top faculties of top institutes.

  • haha

    Industrial Visit to Madhya Pradesh | Architecture Study Tour

    This unique study tour of architecture students is specially designed keeping in mind the states unique ability to offer students with various sites for documenting Temple Architecture, Rural Architecture and Environment Architecture to name a few.

  • Mumbai

    Industrial Visit to Mumbai & Pune | Educational Tour

    Industrial Visits to Mumbai & Pune is one of a kind study visit where the students would get to learn and interact with the Industry Stalwarts and see how the industry operates, get practical in-depth subject knowledge and gain sound experience of the industry the students would be entering into!

  • Industrial visit to Mumbai

    Industrial Visit to Mumbai | MBA Study Tour

    Mumbai is the entertainment, fashion and commercial center of India. The world’s 37th largest city by GDP & the fastest city in India for business startup. In this tour, we cover visits to globally renowned industries, beverage manufacturing units, interaction with experts, and certification.

  • Industrial visit to Patna | Nalanda | Bodhgaya | Rajgir

    Industrial visit to Patna | Nalanda | Bodhgaya | Rajgir

    Architecture Study Visit to Nalanda-Bodhgaya-Rajgir will help students understand the Buddhist Architecture. On this industrial visit to Patna. You’ll get to visit sites and will get to interact with the Top architects. Get to experience the UNESCO sites, Buddhist architecture, and the Mughal architecture too.

  • Architecture study tour to Pondicherry (Auroville)

    Industrial visit to Pondicherry | Architecture Study Tour

    On this industrial visit to Pondicherry, you’ll get to experience the best architecture. You’ll be visiting sites and get to interact with the top architects in town.

  • Industrial visit to rajasthan

    Industrial visit to Rajasthan | Architecture Study Tour

    The only state where the students get to experience multiple sites for documenting their work. Study tour to Rajasthan will introduce students with Town Planning and Sector Planning architecture, along with the historical & modern architecture.

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