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  • Industrial Visit to Bangalore

    Industrial Visit to Bangalore | Mysore for Management

    Industrial Visit to Bangalore|Mysore for Management students is an opportunity for the students to practically apply the classroom lessons.

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  • MBA Study Tour Canada| Industrial Visit

    Industrial Visit to Canada | MBA Study Tour

    Canada, a North American country stretching from u.s in the south to the arctic circle in the north. The major cities include the massive Toronto, west coast film center Vancouver, French-speaking Montreal and Quebec City and capital city Ottawa. And Canada’s swaths PF wilderness includes lake-filled Banff National park in the Rocky Mountains.

  • Industrial Visit to Iran

    Industrial Visit to Iran is one of a kind visit where architectural students would be witnessing various magnificent architectural sites

  • Mumbai

    Industrial Visit to Mumbai & Pune | Educational Tour

    Industrial Visits to Mumbai & Pune is one of a kind study visit where the students would get to learn and interact with the Industry Stalwarts and see how the industry operates, get practical in-depth subject knowledge and gain sound experience of the industry the students would be entering into!

  • Industrial visit to Mumbai

    Industrial Visit to Mumbai | MBA Study Tour

    Mumbai is the entertainment, fashion and commercial center of India. The world’s 37th largest city by GDP & the fastest city in India for business startup. In this tour, we cover visits to globally renowned industries, beverage manufacturing units, interaction with experts, and certification.

  • Industrial Visit to Rajasthan

    Industrial Visit to Rajasthan | Jaipur

    Jaipur specially designed for Electronics & Telecommunication students is one of the few unique itineraries

  • Industrial Visit to Singapore

    Industrial Visit to Singapore | MBA Study Tour

    On this trip, you’ll get to experience learning in the best universities globally. The National University of Singapore and many others. These are globally top-ranking universities.

  • Industrial Visit to Spain

    Industrial visit to Spain | MBA Study Tour

    On this Industrial visit to Spain, you’ll also get to experience learning from the best universities globally. The IESE business school, EADA business school, and others. These are globally top-ranking schools. You might also get to visit the top companies in Spain.

  • Industrial Visit to Thailand

    Industrial Visit to Thailand | MBA Study Tour

    Industrial visit to Thailand, a Southeast Asian country. It’s known for tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins and ornate temples displaying figures of Buddha. You’ll get to visit the top universities in Thailand and you’ll also get to learn from its top faculty.

  • Industrial Visit to The United Kingdom | England | London

    Industrial Visit to UK (United Kingdom), England, London specially designed for Management students will be the best tour ever organized as it’ll be of both amazing learning and a fantastic sightseeing.

  • Architecture Visit to Uttarakhand

    Industrial Visit to Uttarakhand | Management

    Industrial Visit to Uttarakhand | Management students is one of a kind experience where the students get to see how their bookish knowledge comes alive practically in the industry they visit.

  • Study Tour to Sri Lanka

    Accommodation at Above Mentioned hotels on Triple Sharing basis with all meals starting with Lunch on day 01st and ending with Lunch on day 07th.

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