Industrial Visit to The United Kingdom | England | London

9 Days
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Study Tour to UK!

Day 1: Let’s go!

With bags packed and cameras in hand let’s fly out today! Leave our motherland to learn, explore and grow on this study tour to UK

 Day 2: Touch down!

After 9 long hours of flight time and changes in ‘Time Zones’ make sure you catch up on sleep today and wash off all the ‘Jet Lag’

Day 3: Historical City – Oxford!

We start our day by being on-time for your first industry visit in England. Post your first industrial visit proceed towards Botanic Garden, Pitts River Museum and the famous Harry Potter’s Great Hall!

Experience beautiful sunset of the West from the Oxford Castle!

Day 4: London- The Financial hub of England!

Time is Money-Benjamin Franklin rightly fits in today’s schedule in UK’s financial capital. Visit two industries today and learn how money management is important. Learn from Europe’s best and note down their advice.

Visit the Buckingham Palace- Her Majesty’s Residence in evening and feel the royalty come alive!

Day 5: Traverse through the city!

Today we visit London’s iconic places. We cross over the famous Tower Bridge and hymn the old tune of ‘London Bridge is falling down…’, next we visit the famous Westminster Abbey and the melodiously ringing Big Ben Tower.

Day 6: Industrial Visit it is!

Entire day is spent learning, interacting and taking down notes from the industrial stalwarts. There would be guided tour of the industry where in-depth knowledge would be given about its working and first hand exposure on its operating.

Day 7: Namaste London!

The best is saved for the last. Visit the famous London Eye and have panoramic view of this beautiful city. See the Shard from top, the Tower Bridge, beautiful Thames, Big Ben Tower, Buckingham Palace and the bustling city!

Next stop would be the world famous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

At last, the beautiful London Sea Life Aquarium!

Day 8: Vintage City!

It’s time to visit the vintage palace of Warwickshire! With a medieval history and built by the great William Wallace, the Warwick Castle, stands strong amidst the busy county of Warwickshire. And the tour would continue with stops being Church of St. Mary & St. John’s Museum!

Day 9: Time to witness some magical performances!

Mornings would be for leisure! Visit Oxford Street and shop till you are tired. Be it street shopping or visit the famous store Primark– known for its pocket friendly clothes!

Dress up for the night and reach the famous theatres of London! Watch The Lion King or Warhorse or Agatha Christie’s Mousetrap and feel the grandness of theatre come alive.

Day 10: Adieu England!

Time to head back home with these wonderful memories of visiting this Royal Kingdom! We return home with not just photographs but with bags full of knowledge and learning. A great end to this wonderful Study Tour to the UK which opens new avenues for you.

Industrial Visit to UK (United Kingdom), England, London specially designed for Management students will be the best tour ever organized as it’ll be of both amazing learning and a fantastic sightseeing.

Industrial Visit to The United Kingdom | England | London

Industrial Visit to the united kingdom will help the management students get exposure to how a Multi-National Company works and manages its resources! An interactive session with the CEO’s would enrich not just their learning skills but also impart both interpersonal skills and good work ethics!!

The United Kingdom made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is an island nation in northwestern Europe. England – the birthplace of Shakespeare and The Beatles – is home to the capital, London, a globally influential center of finance and culture. England is also the site of Neolithic Stonehenge, Bath’s Roman spa and centuries-old universities at Oxford and Cambridge.
On this industrial visit to the United Kingdom, you’ll be visiting England. A classy and professional land it is. You will be visiting the top industries in England and will perform workshops under the best faculties there. Certifications will be provided for all the workshops and seminars you attend. Get to visit the top universities and obviously get tours of these universities. You can get all the information and advice you want if you are planning to study further in England.

The best part of the industrial visit to the United Kingdom.

So you get to visit the best institutions for sure that’s the main motive but you also get to look at London through the London eye. You get the meet the Big Ben. See the Tower of London and many more pleasing and exciting destinations like the Buckingham palace, tower bridge, palace of Westminister and also the St. Paul’s Cathedral and many more.

So if you are planning to complete your further education you’ll get a hand full of advice and get to know the real facts which can not be known via the internet. Thus an industrial visit to London will cause you a lot of knowledge from the best medical facilities available as well you’ll get advice and might some opportunities for your future and your favorite part, the wanderlust will also satisfied simultaneously on this industrial visit.


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