Industrial Visit to Ahmedabad | Lothal | Patan | Architecture Study Tour

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Day 1 of Architecture Study Tour: 1st Heritage City of India!

Start the tour with India’s first UNESCO Heritage City. Visit places like Jama Mosque & Sidi Bashir Mosque to understand the Mughal architecture.
Visualize how it was built, the Adalaj Stepwell, and sketch it out!


Day 2 of Architecture Study Tour: Lothal- An Indus Valley Civilization!

Witness the excavation site of this ancient civilization that was planned and built centuries ago. Get awestruck by the remains and planning that are still intact


Day 3 of Architecture Study Tour: Rani ki Vav!

This UNESCO World Heritage Site was built in 11th Century was excavated in 1980’s. Intricately carved throughout, it’s a paradise for architecture students to witness such a grandeur and steal ideas from it.
Get sunk in this marvel and feel the architecture come alive!
Later visit Modhera Sun Temple, famous for its Maru-Gurjara (Chalukya Style) of architecture


Day 4 of Architecture Study Tour: Time to Return!!

After witnessing the royalty of this Heritage City it’s time to head back home with lots of intricate sketches and novel ideas for future projects!

Industrial Visit to Ahmedabad | Lothal | Patan | Architecture Study Tour

Industrial Visit to Ahmedabad, in western India, is the largest city in the state of Gujarat. The Sabarmati River runs through its center. On the western bank is the Gandhi Ashram at Sabarmati, which displays the spiritual leader’s living quarters and artifacts. Across the river, the Calico Museum of Textiles, once a cloth merchant’s mansion, has a significant collection of antique and modern fabrics. Lothal was one of the southernmost cities of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization, located in the Bhāl region of the modern state of Gujarāt and first inhabited c. 3700 BCE. Patna is an ancient city that sprawls along the south bank of the Ganges River in Bihar, northeast India. The state capital, it’s home to Bihar Museum, a contemporary landmark exhibiting bronze sculptures and old coins from the region.

The best part of Industrial Visit to Ahmedabad

India is a very diverse country and so are the cultures. On this industrial visit to Ahmedabad, Patna, and Lothal you’ll get to experience the diverse architecture in these cities. Get to visit the best sites and architecture institutes. On sites, you’ll also get to learn from and interact with the top architects there. All the workshops and lectures you attend you’ll be getting certifications for them. These certificates will help you a lot in the future too.
Come witness the fusion of Indian and Persian architecture, often known as Indo Saracenic Style of Architecture, when you visit Ahmedabad and the complex Maru-Gurjara architectural style when you visit Patan on this beautiful study tour, designed specially to study and understand the historical architecture across the state of Gujarat.
Study Tour Features UNESCO Sites | Contemporary Architecture | Modern Architecture
Accommodation 3 Star or above category hotels
Study Tour Highlights
Site Visits Interact with Top Architects Sketching Material Study Tour Report
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